WordPress User Search (Frontend) – The EASIEST Way!

I was recently been hired on Upwork (yes I still use it, following my rant), to extend on a ‘social network’ that is built with WordPress. This is my first BIG project, besides working on larger sites. The client had a developer working on it previously, but they couldn’t continue due to unforeseen circumstances – so they hired […]

An Upwork Rant

Every freelancer loves Upwork. Well, I do anyway. Let’s face it, every freelancer just starting out is getting their first clients via Upwork to build their portfolio for their offered services. Well, that’s how I started out. Upwork is all fun and games, but obviously, there are some downsides, and it’s not Upwork as a company […]

Fixing Duplicate Transactions in Google Analytics (Magento)

Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform on the web right now, but the built-in Magento analytics aren’t as extensive as we would like them to be. I’ve been working on a clients site recently that is using the Magento platform, and they were having a huge problem with his analytics data, it seemed to be […]

WordPress is NOT Dead! – Why WordPress is Amazing in 2018

WordPress is undoubtably the most used Content Management System in the world for bloggers and business owners. Pretty much anyone and everyone who owns a website is using WordPress for their desired management of content. Why? Because WordPress is simply… amazing! And, to even be asked the question, “is WordPress dead?”, is one of the […]

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