Dumb SEO Questions: Week #1

Hey guys. I recently joined a group on Facebook called ‘Dumb SEO Questions’ and thought it would be really cool if I answered the question and got really in depth with the answers. So, each week, I’ll release a post with new Dumb SEO Questions, here’s week one:

Question 1: Are PBNs worth it?

Dumb SEO Question: Are PBNs worth it?

Are PBNs worth it?

Really?! That sure is a dumb question! Okay…

A PBN is a Private Blogging Network that is used by webmasters to get authoritative links from, kind of like a linking chain between a set of domains.

In my opinion, this is a black hat technique in building links, BUT there’s no stopping you here, however, Barry Schwartz wrote a post on Search Engine Land back in 2014 about Google taking manual action against blogs and websites using PBNs – so, I’d say no.

Why do people use PBNs?

Webmasters who have just bought a domain and are looking to get instant authority on their site will look into using a PBN to boost their initial ranking ability.

Why people shouldn’t use PBNs?

Well, if Google is taking MANUAL ACTION to sites that are associated with PBNs, why would you want to get yourself penalised? Also, the investment that you initially put into your PBN will have gone to waste after the de-indexation of your site.

So, Adam my dear friend, PBNs aren’t worth it – not in 2017, not in 2018 and not ever.

Question 2: Should I put breadcrumbs on the homepage?

Dumb SEO Question: Should I put breadcrumbs on the homepage?

I wouldn’t say this a dumb SEO question. But it’s definitely one I would like to expand on. Coming from a design perspective, I’d say no… You wouldn’t need it on the homepage.


The whole point of breadcrumbs is to help the user navigate their way back to the homepage from their current page depth. Breadcrumbs should ALWAYS start with the homepage and end with the current page.

Chase, if you’re meaning breadcrumbs for how your snippet appears in the SERPs then you can just use Yoast’s breadcrumbs without even having to display them on your site (probably a good idea to display them though, seeing is it’s good for UX).

You can turn on Yoast’s breadcrumb feature by going to the Yoast plugin and selecting the ‘advanced’ tab:

Selecting advanced tab in Yoast SEO Plugin

Then you can turn on the breadcrumbs:

Yoast SEO plugin breadcrumbs options

And, if you did want to display the breadcrumbs in your websites theme, use this code:

    if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) {
        yoast_breadcrumb('<p class="yoast-breadcrumbs">','</p>');

Question 3: Why is my Linkedin photo displaying when I share my website URL on Facebook?

Dumb SEO Question: Why is my Linkedin photo displaying when I share my website URL on Facebook?

First things first, Facebook and any other social media will always look for og:image meta property first. The og:image is how social profiles pull in information into the snippet box like the image above.

After taking a look at the source code of the homepage of Long Island Webmaster, I found that his og:image meta tag was pointing to a Linkedin image URL – guessing Gregor’s profile picture.

I don’t know why it’s doing this! But I do know how to fix it!

If you’re any decent SEO (a joke), then you’ll have the Yoast SEO plugin installed. With this, if you hover over Yoast in the sidebar and click on ‘social’, you’ll get this:

Yoast SEO plugin Social tab

Then head over to the ‘Facebook’ tab:

Yoast SEO plugin facebook tab

Here, you’ll need to enable the OG Meta Data so you can import the image you would like to be displayed on Facebook when you share your homepage.

I hope you enjoyed. Post your Dumb SEO Questions in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer them next week!

Dumb SEO Questions: Week #1
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