SEO Road Map for Online Business Directory

Hey guys. Just thought I’d share how I structured a 3 month SEO contract with an online business directory website for £450 a month.

SEO Proposal

Month 1

  • We’ll start with a half hour – one hour consultation and discuss the goals of your SEO campaign, whether it be ranking for brand terms, ranking for specific keywords associated with your niche, or increase your revenue.
  • Site Audit – We send you a report of what’s wrong with your website and discuss with you what we’re planning on doing to implement the fixes.
  • Competitor Analysis – We will take a look at your top 3 competitors to see how they are performing in search, what they are doing with their on-page SEO. From here, we can then come up with a game plan on how we can outdo their on-page optimisation.
  • Keyword Analysis / Keyword Research – We’ll send you a detailed report of keywords and their search volume data:
    • Monthly Search Volume – This will tell us the amount of searches that, that keyword will get each month.
    • Competition – This will tell us on a score out of 10, the difficulty in ranking for those keywords.
    • CPC (Cost Per Click) – This will give you a price on the cost per click that people are paying to rank in the ad section of Google search results for that keyword.
    • Tracking – We’ll then track these keywords in a tool to check to your current ranking status. Giving us a notification as to when you move up or down in results.
  • On-Page Optimisation: Title tags, heading tags (document structure), meta tags, image optimisation, page load time reduction, schema markup (if it can be implemented into your website builder).
  • Webmaster Maintenance – Implementation of Webmaster tools, Analytics and sitemaps.
    • Remember we spoke about sitemaps on the call, we need to submit a sitemap to Google manually so they can start to index your website into their search results.
  • Local SEO – We setup or optimize on Google My Business.

Results after one month

  • Readability: Have your site better read by Google and it’s users by displaying your main keywords and brand in your title’s and descriptions.
  • Conversions: Be able to see when people are converting on your website through tracking.
  • Schema: Have Google better understand your site via local schema markup (if your website builder allows this).
  • Keywords: Know what keywords you should rank for and which ones give the most value to your business.
  • Local Indexing: We set up your local profiles so that they will be better read by Google and other search platforms.

Month 2 & 3

  • Content Game Plan – Look at get keyword orientated content for pages such as:
    • Homepage
    • Directory and it’s individual pages.
    • Days out
    • Events
    • Accomodation 
  • Link Building Campaign – We will reach out to other authoritative sites and ask for a backlink, this will pass what’s known as link juice to raise the authority of your site. Which will over time increase the ranking ability of your website for the keyword of that anchor text. (Depending on budget, this will determine the amount of links each month we target to obtain).
  • Advanced Keyword Research – As your site now has more authority within search and is ranking for various terms associated with your businesses niche, we will complete a more in-depth keyword analysis looking at other keyword opportunities and how we will obtain a position on the first page of Google.
  • User Experience Testing – Google looks at how users navigate around your site, so it’s best to have a great website usability. We will get members of the public to navigate around your website with a specific purpose or intention and ask them to make notes on how easy it was to do so. We can then create a report on what negatives were consistent throughout the tests and come up with the problems. From here we can implement the changes on fixing the usability problems. 
  • Information Architecture Audit – We will analyse your current navigational structure and how we can improve it with link siloing.
  • A/B Testing – We’ll try out split testing, showing one landing page to a set of users and another landing page to another. Possibly looking at doing A/B testing on the advertising page.

Expected results months 2 and 3

  • Brand Rankings: Expect to be ranking for you brand term in Google search results.
  • Local Rankings: Expect to see your website ranking in the Local 3 Pack.
  • Lower Bounce Rates: Expect to see people staying on your site longer after we do on page optimisation.
  • Higher Click Through Rates: Expect to see more people click on your site instead of your competitors.
  • Higher Conversions: Expect to see your conversion rate go up.
  • Multiple Keyword Rankings: Expect to rank for more keywords that offer value to your business.

Let me know how you would structure yours!

SEO Road Map for Online Business Directory
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