Do You Need A Unique Description for Each Citation Built?

A question that has been long answered in my head, came to me today: would it count as duplicate content if my description is the same on all of the listings I’ve added? The answer is no. I’ve thought about this long and hard, done my research and couldn’t find a lot of information regarding […]

How to Set Up Thank You Page Tracking in Google Analytics (3 EASY STEPS)

Google Analytics has so many functionalities that not all SEOs are making the most of. One thing about GA that I love is the goal funnels, in which, you’re able to set up tracking for a specific URL, the duration on a page, how many pages the user visits within that session and event tracking […]

How to Display A URLs Meta Description via A Form Input in PHP

I haven’t posted something code orientated in a while and I thought this is a great snippet to share seeing as it’s something I’ve actually been working on. Oh, now you’re intrigued? I’m building an SEO Page Analyser web application. Why? Because I hate the darn ugly interfaces. So I’m not really building it because […]

What Local Citation Service is Best? (Best Local Citation Service 2017)

A local citation is where your business is mentioned by other websites, which marry up to prove authenticity of your business – this includes your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information. Local citations are a key component of Google’s core ranking algorithm, which is why they are so important! So, now you know what they are. […]

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