Rank & Rent Course by Jake Punton [PREORDER]


This course will teach you all about Rank & Rent SEO, including how to find a niche with the best search volume,  build a website for $15 and rank it, and most importantly how to approach other businesses in your niche and rent it out to them!

I make over $3k per month using the strategies and techniques in my course!



What is Rank & Rent SEO?

Rank & Rent is a form of Local SEO which involves ranking a website around a niche and renting it out to other businesses within this niche that aren’t generating many leads through their website.

Who is Jake Punton?

Jake Punton is an internet marketer and mentor from the UK. Over the past year he’s built huge interaction with other SEOs on making successful Rank & Rent websites.

What will I learn in this course?

This brim-filled course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about Rank & Rent, on how to find a niche, build the website for next to nothing, rank the website and how to approach businesses to start renting out the website. Here’s a proper break down of the course:

  1. What is Rank & Rent?
  2. Jake Punton’s success story
  3. Finding a niche
  4. Local keyword research (& free tools)
  5. Setting up a website for $15
  6. On-page optimisation (like a ninja)
  7. Off-page optimisation
  9. Outreach & renting out the sites
  10. Keeping track & ongoing SEO

The course will be released in late January, and there will only be 100 copies sold! Get yours today to avoid disappointment.

Rank & Rent Course by Jake Punton [PREORDER]
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