August 2017 Update

Hey guys!

So if you’re a regular follower of my blog and my social media channels, you’ll know that I’ve been really quiet this month. There are a few reasons for it, but the biggest is I’ve been super busy with family life and work. I’ve decided to start writing monthly updates to let people know what I’ve been up too, whether I’ve been too busy to post or not.

Here’s what I’ve been up too…

Rank and Rent

I’ve come up with this wicked plan to get 5 sites ranking in specific niches and areas by some point next year, then rent them out to business owners who are having trouble getting leads. In a way, I’m basically selling leads to the business by redirecting the leads over via call tracking.

Now, at the end of my Rank and Rent video I talk about a post coming shortly. This still isn’t out yet. Don’t worry, it will be – this will be published by the end of this week.

Stick that in your diary.

I won’t be updating you as to where I’ve got so far with month 1 of the plan due to creating separate content for the updates on both YouTube and this blog.

New web design project

I’ve had this one in the pipeline for a long time, and the client finally came through with the initial payment so the design process could begin. It’s something I’ve been super excited to work on for a long time as I’ve never worked on something quite like it.

There’s so much customisation with the functioning in the backend it’s unreal, and so far it’s looking pretty hardcore.

When this is done, this will free up so much of my working day fo’ sure!

Instagram marketing

For a while now I’ve had a little side project running with an Instagram account. I’ve been earning 1k per month for the past 2 months by getting people to sign up for paid tools and other services, which I’ve been promoting through my Instagram account.

You’re probably thinking, what!?!?

Truth is, even with my current follower count (57 followers), I’m still getting that recurring income. How?

Well… I’ll explain it to you in an eBook that you can download.

I’ve been writing an eBook on how to make this kind of money with your Instagram account which will be soon available. I’m giving away only 200 copies and there are not many spaces left, so if you want this FREE eBook, head over to my Instagram account and visit the link in my bio.

Local citations

As most of you know, local citations play a huge role in Local SEO. I’ve been doing a whole lot of these for the past couple of months – and they’re paying off amazingly.

Local citations are where your business is mentioned on other websites, for example, Yelp and Google My Business, in which, keeping the information consistent across these websites is a ranking factor. So it’s not the nicest job in the world playing with all that information and adding listings, but I prefer to do it single-handed rather than assigning it to my VA to do.

If you’re looking for the best local citation service, read my post.

New SMM & SMA client

I’ve recently been pushing out the Social Media Management and Social Media Advertising side of things with clients, and it just so happens… this month I got a new client wanting both of these services.

We had the initial meeting 2 weeks ago and we’ve already sat down and worked on a gold strategy on how to get more leads and more people interacting with their content. I’ll have some more information about this client soon, such as case studies, etc.

Things I can take away from this month

Plan time more efficiently. I’ve been taking every day as it comes this month and not planning anything in. I need to make sure that everything that I do is planned and set myself a time limit on tasks.

Stop taking days off. This month has been one of my worst months as a freelancer, probably because it was my birthday on the 8th. But, seriously, I took like 3 days off (mainly to recover) for my birthday. Ashamed to say the least.

Courses and eBooks are still workingThis month I released a landing page link for my new free eBook about Instagram marketing and within 24 hours almost 100 copies had been taken from the 200 that were there. Quality.

Well that’s it from me folks, see you in my next post. Any feedback? As always, leave it in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

August 2017 Update
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