WordPress User Search (Frontend) – The EASIEST Way!

I was recently been hired on Upwork (yes I still use it, following my rant), to extend on a ‘social network’ that is built with WordPress. This is my first BIG project, besides working on larger sites. The client had a developer working on it previously, but they couldn’t continue due to unforeseen circumstances – so they hired […]

WordPress is NOT Dead! – Why WordPress is Amazing in 2018

WordPress is undoubtably the most used Content Management System in the world for bloggers and business owners. Pretty much anyone and everyone who owns a website is using WordPress for their desired management of content. Why? Because WordPress is simply… amazing! And, to even be asked the question, “is WordPress dead?”, is one of the […]

How to Set Up Thank You Page Tracking in Google Analytics (3 EASY STEPS)

Google Analytics has so many functionalities that not all SEOs are making the most of. One thing about GA that I love is the goal funnels, in which, you’re able to set up tracking for a specific URL, the duration on a page, how many pages the user visits within that session and event tracking […]

Creating a shortcode for a button in WordPress

When I first started out in WordPress, I was using the WYSIWYG editor to create my buttons and trust me, looking back now, “Jesus, it was long winded”. Only if I knew back then, how to create my own shortcodes for my buttons it would have been great and definitely more time consuming. Today I’m going […]

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